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Check your Vehicle Registration

Enter ANY used vehicle registration number into the number plate check box below for a used UK vehicle check which includes cars, vans, heavy commercials, passenger service and motorbikes. Instant car identity confirmation provided online with each free check.   All information provided in our vehicle identity check is free and no subscription or bank details are required.

The DVLA holds detailed records on every vehicle registered in the UK and this information has now been made available to the public via data providers who pay for its release. Free Car Checks access this information and by entering a vehicle registration number we can pass it on to you, the car buyer.


Data we can provide for you includes:

Date of first registration.
Vehicle color, make and model.
When the tax is due for renewal*
If the vehicle is subject to a SORN (statutory off road notice)
Engine size
Stolen vehicle check
Scrapped vehicle report
Write-off information
Mileage verification
Outstanding Finance details
Many more details are included in our extensive report and whenever you intend purchasing a used vehicle, this information could not only save you thousands of pounds, but could even save your life!

Every year we provide information to potential buyers that helps them to avoid purchasing vehicles that are unsafe or subject to third party finance.

Don’t lose your life or your money, use Free Car Checks now and make sure your new vehicle is exactly what it appears to be! All premium checks information is sent to you in a full report by email so you can utilise it as evidence of the vehicle condition when you come to sell it at a later date so it is a wise move to print it out and place it with your documents.

Buying a used UK vehicle leaves you open to various pitfalls, especially if you have no mechanical skills. However, even if you are mechanically minded, this will not enable you to see if it is a stolen vehicle, if it has outstanding finance, has been previously written off, scrapped or had its mileage tampered with.

These are just some of the problems that can arise when you buy a used car. In the past, you were restricted to a visual check and the word of the seller that the vehicle is legitimate.  This problem no longer exists as we can search any car, van or motorbike for adverse history for you.

A third party interest or if the car is stolen will likely result in the loss of both your cash AND the vehicle. If it turns out to be a write off, you will lose a percentage of the value. If the mileage is incorrect, the result will be the same.

Don’t risk it, enter the registration number into our vehicle check plate and get all of the history available!