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Check your Vehicle Registration

Enter ANY used vehicle registration number into the number plate check box below for a used UK vehicle check which includes cars, vans, heavy commercials, passenger service and motorbikes. Instant car identity confirmation provided online with each free check. All information provided in our vehicle identity check is free and no subscription or bank details are required.

The DVLA holds detailed records on every vehicle registered in the UK and this information has now been made available to the public via data providers who pay for its release. Free Car Checks access this information and by entering a vehicle registration number we can pass it on to you, the car buyer.


Data we can provide for you includes:

Date of first registration.
Vehicle color, make and model.
When the tax is due for renewal*
If the vehicle is subject to a SORN (statutory off road notice)
Engine size
Stolen vehicle check
Scrapped vehicle report
Write-off information
Mileage verification
Outstanding Finance detailsWe offer free car checks where you will be able to access data such as
ՠwhen the tax is due to expire,
ՠwhether it is Sorned,
ՠthe date of first registration,
ՠCO2 emissions,
ՠengine size,
ՠvehicle colour,
ՠthe year of manufacture and much more.
The DVLA can also provide ownership details, although this request must have a valid, acceptable reason. A valid reason could be the need to trace someone who may have damaged a vehicle and driven off, or to trace the owner of a car or van that has been abandoned or perhaps one that has received parking tickets not due to the present keeper. If your request is valid, you can ask for previous ownership details, present keeper details or any information the DVLA hold on the vehicle. This is one of the very few free car checks you cannot do online. All applications must be sent by post and you are required to fill in a V888 form which can be obtained at a post office. Free car checks are carried out 7 days per week and are an important service to the public who are usually unprotected when buying a used vehicle and most other information can be found online.
There are no limits to the amount of times you can apply for free car checks.
Lets cover MOT certificates. If you have any concerns about the MOT certificate you have received with the vehicle, VOSA is the Vehicle Operator Service Agency that you need to contact. Free Car Checks can provide MOT confirmation online. All applications require the registration number and MOT test number which can be found on the current MOT certificate (called the VT20), the registration certificate, (V5C) or the current MOT refusal sheet (VT30).
What is an MOT? An MOT is an inspection that is carried out every year after the first 3 years from the date of registration. It is a mechanical test that checks for any defect that could cause the vehicle to be unsafe for use on the public highway. This could be anything from excess wear to tyres to defective lights and if the MOT tester discovers any defects, a certificate will not be issued and the vehicle has to be repaired and re-tested.
Driving a vehicle on a public highway without a valid certificate is a road traffic offence which could result in a fine and removal of the vehicle. It could also invalidate your insurance and result in penalty points on your driving licence. Use Free Car Checks to confirm that the MOT certificate is in date and valid, before you drive it away.
The Road Traffic Police now carry the technology to monitor vehicles on the move and can check a vehicleճ status instantly. They can confirm if the vehicle has a valid MOT on the spot. The only time you can drive a vehicle without an MOT is to and from a vehicle testing station and a place of repair and an appointment must be confirmed. Full insurance must also be in force.
Always try and book an MOT test a month in advance. Not only will this allow you plenty of time to organise repairs if required, but should the vehicle pass the test up to one month prior to the actual expiration date, this additional time will be added to your new certificate. It is possible therefore to obtain 13 months mot.
All free car checks are displayed online so you can verify certain details before viewing the vehicle, ensuring your time is not wasted and you are fully aware of any issues surrounding it.
Do not buy a vehicle without performing a free car check, you could save yourself a lot of heartache and trouble for a first initial free report and then for a more indepth report it will cost you anything from 2.99 upwards depending on what information you require.